You Need These Affordable 3-Piece Swimsuits From Shein

Can you believe it’s already June? That means it’s time to hit the beach! Or the lake, depending on where you are in the world. This year, 3-piece swimsuits are in! They’re perfect for dining near the water and then going for a swim. The best thing is, there are so many affordable swimwear options from many brands. I’m showing you my favorite affordable 3-piece swimsuits from Shein and giving you discounts so you can save even more!

Affordable 3-Piece Swimsuits

Wear this black bikini dress to a date on the beach. Then when you’re ready, take it off and show some skin! This simple bikini is pretty much the equivalent to a little black dress. You need this in your bag this summer!

This blue affordable 3-piece swimsuit from Shein is one of my favorites. However, full disclosure, it does run extremely small. For reference, this is a size medium. This swimsuit was really tiny on me. I definitely recommend sizing up. Use the code: SUMMERVACAY for money off your order.

Normally, I wouldn’t wear orange. It’s never been my color. But….this orange is fire! If you want to make a statement with your swimsuit, this is the one for you. Plus, you can’t beat that price. $16 for a complete bikini set? Yes, please!

I’m such a fan of the color block style. So many designers have been including color block in their collections, and it really just makes you look so much fancier. I love this tie-waist bikini because it draws attention to the navel instead of other areas if get my drift.

I understand that some of you don’t feel comfortable showing off your body at the beach. So, this 3-piece swimsuit is for you. There’s definitely a way for you to look sexy without showing too much skin and this swimsuit proves it. How about those abstract colors?

Happy shopping, and don’t forget to tag me in your 3-piece swimsuits on Instagram!

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