Differin Skincare Has Changed My Face For The Better!

I’m doing something I never do and that is exposing myself. For a long time, I’ve had many insecurities surrounding my skin. Growing up, I had eczema and acne pretty bad. When I reached my twenties, my eczema and acne cleared up, but it left behind so many dark spots!

I also suffer from PCOS, so I develop a bit of facial hair around my sideburns and chin. I used to shave it off every day (spoiler alert, bad idea!) and developed hyperpigmentation from ingrown hairs due to shaving. My face used to look like this:

I was so embarrassed about my face that I always wore full coverage makeup no matter where I went, even to the park. I knew I had to do something about it. So, I searched for the right products to help lighten my hyperpigmentation. I didn’t get any luck until I tried Differin skincare products.

Differin promises to remove dark spots while balancing your skin tone. I use the facial cleanser, dark spot correcting serum, and the oil-absorbing moisturizer with sunscreen since I have oily skin. All the products are pretty affordable. However, you will notice some differences in pricing if you shop at Ulta vs Amazon. Ulta charges $9.15 for the facial cleanser while Amazon charges $7.87. So if you don’t mind waiting 2 days, I definitely recommend buying it from Amazon to save some money.

Differin Skincare Products I Use

You can use Differin skincare products twice daily to clear up your skin. I have been using the products for two months, and I used to use each product twice a day. Now, I only use them once a day since it’s really working. You shouldn’t use the dark spot correcting serum for more than 3 months at a time because it does contain a strong skin lightening agent.

All of the products are lightweight and go on smoothly. If you. like heavy cleansers that lather, you won’t like Differin because it hardly lathers at all. However, my face does still feel clean after using it. The cleanser doesn’t have harsh detergents that dry out your face.

Currently, I use Fenty Skin in the mornings and Differin at night. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see my iMovie review of Fenty Skin. Here is how my face looks now with no makeup or photo editing:

Of course, the dark spots are still there but they are definitely fading. My skin tone is also pretty even all around, and my pores are less visible. I definitely recommend this product if you have dark spots and uneven skin tone. I have so much more confidence now. I hope you enjoyed this Differin Skincare review!

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