Advice On Collaborating With Brands

As a blogger, one of your sources of income may be from collaborating with brands. I have collaborated with Tuuli Accessories, Leo Mazzotti, Shein (which by the way, you can take $40 Off Orders Over $200 with Code 40SNOWUS at Offer Expires 09/30/2020) and many other brands. Of course, it took me a while to start working with real brands. Check out the affiliate programs I use to monetize this blog. At first, I received the typical “let’s collab, dm us” comment on my photos. Let me tell you that dm’ing brands that leave those comments on your photos is a huge mistake!

Those brands will usually try to offer you “free product” to get you to work with them and even give you a discount code to use on their site. However, when you put in that discount code, you’ll notice that the code only applies to the product and not shipping. This is an attempt to still get money from you and most of the time, the shipping costs are higher than they should be.

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Remember this, you should never have to pay anything when collaborating with brands. The brand should pay you or offer you a product paid in full in exchange for advertisement. Do not let a brand use your image without paying you what you deserve. Also, if a legit brand wants to work with you, they will email you or personal dm you, not leave a comment on your photos.

Be sure to also read your entire contract. Some brands may use your image for years to come without paying for it. Also, many brands don’t give you credit for your content. For example, one of my favorite influencers Courtney Quinn of Color Me Courtney did a campaign with Microsoft and they did not even mention her name. Courtney has often preached about how brands need to give credit to their influencers, and I agree. Otherwise, the collaboration only benefits the brands and not you.

Pitching To Brands

You can also pitch to brands instead of waiting for them to come to you. I haven’t started to pitch to brands yet because I am still working on my media kit. So, unfortunately, I don’t have too much information on how to pitch to brands. However, there are so many great influencers who offer expertise in this area. I recommend Britney Turner, founder of The Boss Up Inc. She has been in this field for years, and she can definitely help you learn how to pitch to brands and what you should be charging. I definitely plan on reaching out to her once I’m ready to start pitching.

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