Best Deals From Forever 21’s Labor Day Weekend Sale

What’s the best thing about labor day, besides the 3-day weekend? Shopping, of course! There are so many great labor day weekend sales happening right now, and one of my favorites is Forever 21. Yes, I’m 26 years old, and I still shop at Forever 21. I can’t help it. There are just too many cute clothes and shoes available. Also, Forever 21 is beginning to be more sustainable, which I love! So many clothes go to waste every year, and it’s our job to stop it.

That’s why in this blog, I’m including products that you can wear over and over again. I know that everyone makes it seem like a crime to repeat outfits, but it’s definitely not. There is nothing wrong with wearing your favorite clothes again. You will always catch me wearing my favorite white black jumpsuit that I continue to find new ways to style. Be sure to check out my last blog post on how to style your jumpsuit.

This weekend, you can SAVE 30% OFF FALL ESSENTIALS, accessories, and shoes! You know I am all about saving you money. Here are the best products from Forever 21’s Labor Day Weekend Sale.

Labor Day Weekend Sale – Dresses

There are so many ways to style a dress for fall. Throw on some tights and booties for cooler months, or wear your favorite sneakers for a casual look. I love to wear booties with my dresses like here:

Accessories and Shoes

I can attest that Forever 21 has amazing shoes that actually last. I have shoes that I bought from the store years ago that I still wear pretty often. Some of the jewelry though can be a hit or miss. Of course, when you’re buying affordable jewelry, you have to think about how long it’s going to last. Some brands make high-quality jewelry that lasts. Check out my jewelry blog post to see which brands I recommend along with some amazing discount codes.

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Tops and Bottoms

There are so many other items part of Forever 21’s Labor Day Weekend Sale, and I encourage you to check it out. Keep in mind that a lot of their deals are online only, which isn’t bad because we’re in a pandemic. You should be avoiding malls anyway. Let me know what items you from the sale!


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