Affiliate Programs I Use To Monetize My Blog

Are you an aspiring blogger? Do you have a blog already but haven’t started to monetize? Then this post is for you! I’m always going to be upfront with you guys about what I do with my content. Yes, I love to write and it’s what I do in my day job as well. However, I need to earn an income too (I have a child to support).

So, I recently started to monetize my blog; and I’m here to help you do the same. Here are the affiliate programs I use to monetize my blog. These programs are free to join, all you have to do is apply. Be mindful that there is a waiting period for some of these affiliate programs.

CJ Affiliate Program

The CJ Affiliate program connects me with brands that share links with me. When you click on one of those links and buy something, I get a commission. But let me be clear on one thing, I will never try to get you to buy anything I wouldn’t buy. I often buy from Shein, Romwe, Amazon, and all the brands I pitch to you. That’s why I try to post my own photos of me wearing the product instead of stock photos. You will never see me writing about a brand I have no clue about.

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Amazon Associates

I have an Amazon Prime Account because I am always buying from them. So I was overjoyed when I found out I had been accepted to Amazon Associates. I know how essential Amazon has become nowadays, with the COVID-19 pandemic still active, so I try to provide you with discounts for essentials items. If you and your family are avid Amazon users, I suggest applying to the Amazon Associates program. Also, if you’re not a blogger but order from Amazon often, do me a favor and go to Amazon through this blog. It would really help me!


I use RewardStyle to link my outfits you see on Instagram. I’ll be honest, it’s so hard to make money from RewardStyle. The commission isn’t very high and they take forever to payout. Plus you have to constantly push out content to gain followers. I currently have 32 followers. So yeah, it takes a while. Also, RewardStyle can kick you off if you don’t meet their goals, which sucks; because you feel like you always have to be promoting products. I don’t want my Instagram to seem like one big ad.

I wouldn’t rely on RewardStyle as your main source of income. But it is fun being part of the community. To shop my outfits, follow me on the LiketoKnow.It app.

*Update: I’m finally making commission from the app! I also made it 9 months on the app so I reached the point where I can no longer be kicked off the app. I’ve been posting more often and linking more items. The hard work is finally paying off.

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If you’re looking to monetize your blog, I recommend using no more than 3 affiliate programs. Any more than that and it gets harder to keep track of your earrings. I know it can get exciting working with so many brands through affiliate programs, but you have to stay true to your own brand. Don’t just promote products for the money. It’s important to love the products and brands you promote.

And remember, don’t give up! It takes a while to make money through blogging. Don’t let it discourage you. Keep going!

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