Summer Tops You Need + Seasonal Discount Codes

If you know me, you know I’m all about the basics and closet essentials. I love simple, solid color tops like my white tee and nude bodysuit. However, sometimes I want to spruce it up a bit. Lately, I’ve been feeling stagnant with my style. To put it simply, I’ve been feeling like a basic b*itch. I knew it was time to elevate my look. So, I did what I do best: searched the internet for unique tops to pair with bottoms hanging in my closet. And boy did I find some amazing summer tops!

Luckily for you, I’m not a selfish person. So, of course, I’m sharing the affordable summer tops I found from, Zara, and If you haven’t noticed, these are my favorite brands at the moment. Everything is super cute and affordable. I also have discount codes for you guys so you can shop without spending all of your money! So without further adieu, here are my picks for summer tops to elevate your outfit.

Summer Top #1: Printed Organza Blouse

Printed Organza Blouse summer top

I am absolutely in love with this organza blouse. I started rocking the organza style after watching Helmut Lang’s fashion show in 2019. This summer top is cute to wear with a lace bralette underneath. It shows just the right amount of skin without going over the top, which is definitely my style.

The bad news is, this top is currently sold out on Zara and probably won’t be restocked. The good news is, I found it from a seller on Mercari in new condition. So it will actually cost you less than what I paid for mine. Be sure to hurry and grab it before it’s gone.

Summer Top #2: Faux Leather Tube Top

faux leather summer top

I know what you’re thinking. This top is so not my style! And you’re right. However, I do love pink and faux leather, if you haven’t noticed all of my faux leather skirts. So this top is perfect for me. I would have never bought it if I stayed in my comfort zone.

One thing I love about this top is that it really accentuates my waist. For reference, I’m wearing a size medium. It’s a bit tight on me, so maybe I should have sized up. But I am a bit reserved, so I’m used to my tops being looser. I also don’t have much cleavage. If you’re thinking about buying this summer top for yourself, that’s definitely something to consider. For my girls that like to wear tight tube tops, then get your regular size and show off your amazing body!

Summer Top#3: Purple Crop Cami

purple crop cami summer top

This summer top is a crop top. I usually don’t wear crop tops because I’m a bit self-conscious about my tummy. I still have a few stretch marks from giving birth last year and it’s not as flat as I want it to be. But then I thought, who says only women with flat tummies can wear crop tops?! I look just as good in a crop top as anyone else! So I caved and bought one.

Romwe has so many cute crop tops. I like to layer mine underneath a cute blazer or jean jacket. However you like to wear your crop top is alright with me!

If you buy anything linked here, be sure to tag me on Instagram (@absolutelyamberm) and show me how you styled your summer top to elevate your outfit! P.S. Click the banners for your discount on Shein and Romwe!

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