Styling A Satin Slip Dress for Warm and Colder Weather

I love finding new ways to style everything in my closet. This means that sometimes I wear underwear as outerwear. In this case, I’m talking about my satin slip dress. On days when you need something quick to wear, just throw on something underneath your slip dress and head out!

It’s almost summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s warm in all parts of the country. In many parts of the country, it’s still 60 degrees outside. So I’m giving you two different ways to style a satin slip dress for the climate you’re in.

Styling A Satin Slip Dress For Warm Weather

If you live in a warm climate, choose a short sleeve shirt to wear underneath your slip dress. My dress is animal print, so I didn’t want my outfit to look unbalanced. I opted for a plain white tee. If you have a solid color slip dress, you may want to choose a pattern or different color shirt.

I really love wearing booties with dresses, and these are my favorite. However, you can also wear sandals or mules to dress up this look.

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Add your favorite jewelry to complete this look and you’re ready to rock the world!

Styling A Satin Slip Dress For Colder Weather

For colder climates, you’ll definitely want to wear a long sleeve tee or sweater. This look always works with the sweater over the dress if you prefer. Again, I chose to wear a solid color short to balance out my look.

Add tights to protect your legs in colder weather and booties or over the knee boots for extra warmth. I bought my studded booties from Forever 21 two years ago so unfortunately, I don’t have a link for you guys.

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