Best Jewelry Finds + Discount Codes

The best way to dress up any outfit is to add jewelry. I normally wear gold plated pieces because they compliment my skin tone, but I do have some silver pieces that I adore. Most jewelry from fast fashion brands don’t last. They either break or change colors, neither is good for my bank account. So I searched boutiques and jewelry brands for the best jewelry finds to share with you all.

I’ve ordered from these brands to save you the process of trial and error when seeking new jewelry. These brands are Absolutely Amber approved so I reached out and got some discount codes to save you some money. You know I’m all about affordable jewelry and clothes.

Leo Mazzotti Jewelry Finds

Like I said, I don’t wear silvery jewelry a lot but when I do, it’s from Leo Mazzotti. This necklace is so beautiful. I actually just discovered this brand this year, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve seen this brand all over Instagram and finally gave in. Luckily for you, I became part of their ambassador program to provide you with a discount. You can use the code absolutelyamberm for 10% off your order.

Keep in mind, Leo Mazzatti is not based in the U.S. So shipping times are going to be a bit long. Allow 2 weeks to get your jewelry delivered.

What Do Women Want, Fine Jewelry

Alina Peritz Jewelry

If you follow me on Instagram (which you definitely should), you know I boast about this brand a lot! Alina Peritz Jewelry, part of Piper & Hazel, provides high quality, handcrafted jewelry. I made a promise to support small businesses when I can, so I often buy from this one. The necklaces are great for layering. I’m wearing the vintage rose locket and hammered bar necklace.

Alina Peritz Jewelry offers 10% off your first offer, but I have something better for you. Use my code AMBERM15 for 15% off your order.

Local Eclectic Jewelry Finds

You’re going to be mad at me for this one. Local Eclectic is a bit expensive, but I wouldn’t put it on this list if it wasn’t absolutely worth the price. Local Eclectic’s rings are to die for! Ok, maybe don’t die trying to get one, but you get the point. Look them up on Instagram and see how beautiful everything is.

Also, I’m sorry, but I don’t have a discount code for this one. I’ll keep trying for you though and will update this blog once I have one. They do, however, offer 10% off your first order.

*Full Disclosure: I receive a small commission from items bought from these links/ discount codes.

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