2 Ways to Style Biker Shorts

Forgive me. I haven’t written a blog in so long. With the pandemic and current racial crisis going on, my routine has basically been non-existent. Now that I’m getting settled back into my daily routine, I’m showcasing new ways to style basic items. This season, I’m all about biker shorts. I’m so glad these shorts came back in style because hunty….I’m in love!

Ever since Kim K stepped out in biker shorts, I’ve been figuring out different ways to style them myself. Since I’m trying to be more sustainable and shop less, I styled black biker shorts with items I already had in my closet. You can dress them up or down, from casual to classy. Here are my 2 favorite ways to style biker shorts.

Casual Biker Shorts Style

It’s finally warm in NYC, so it’s the perfect temperature to pair biker shorts with a bralette. To keep it casual, choose a solid color bralette. Then layer on a jean jacket.

Complete this casual style with your favorite sneakers. I only have like 2 pairs of sneakers in my closet (I’m more of a heels and sandals type of girl), so I chose my pumas. Any type of sneakers will do it.

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Classy Biker Shorts Style

To dress up your biker shorts, you can still pair them with a bralette. Just switch out your casual layer for a button down. A blazer will also work. I chose a white button down because it just looks so clean.

Complete this dressed up style with a pair of pointed heels. Heeled mules are perfect for spring/summer. Just a tip, buy some fashion tape and tape down your heels to the mules so your feet don’t flop. I don’t know about you, but I hate flip flops. So I don’t want my feet to flop in heels.

When dressing up biker shorts, don’t forget to accessorize. I added a handbag and some gold jewelry. This Kate Spade handbag is currently on sale. You can buy it for just $79, originally priced $279!

I currently get most of my jewelry from Piper & Hazel boutique, now known as Alina Peritz Jewelry. I’m wearing the Hammered Bar Necklace. Use my code, AMBERM15, for 15% off your order.

Which style do you prefer, casual or classy? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to get your biker shorts from us.SHEIN.com to save money.


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