Top 3 Loungewear Picks

These days, my outfits consist of leggings and biker shorts. While I miss dressing up and going out, I can’t deny that it’s extremely relaxing knowing that I can just lounge around for a bit. Since I’m always dressing up, I didn’t have much loungewear so of course, I searched around online to see which brands have awesome loungewear. Here are my top 3 picks for loungewear for lounging at home.

UNIQLO Ultra Stretch Long Sleeve Set

When I’m working at home, my biggest concern is comfort. If I’m wearing leggings, they can’t be too tight and they have to have some stretch. UNIQLO provides leggings with the best stretch! The ultra stretch long sleeve set is so cute and comfortable.

I also love that UNIQLO is simple yet chic. I can mix and match my UNIQLO sets and wear them out.

AERIE High-Waisted Bike Short

I don’t know when biker shorts came back into style, but I’m so glad they did. I wear these shorts all the time! AERIE’s high-waisted bike shorts are soft and stretchy. They’re perfect for using as shapewear too. Biker shorts bring out my curves while hiding my “mom belly.”

They come in multiple colors, but of course, you guys know I love pink.

Savage X Cotton Jersey Legging

When searching for loungewear leggings, look for those made of cotton. Cotton leggings are going to be the most comfortable. This is especially true of Savage’s cotton jersey legging. It’s no secret that Rihanna is killing it in the fashion game right now. Savage is just one part of her brand and it has blown Victoria’s Secret out the park.

If you’re a curvy girl, I definitely recommend switching to Savage.

What are some of your favorite loungewear looks?

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