Creating Fashion Content at Home

Hey loyal readers! With the pandemic going on, it’s hard for bloggers to go out and shoot content. For me, I usually love shooting outside because of all the natural light. I’m fortunate to have lots of windows inside my home, so I still get quite a bit of natural light coming in. This has helped me create some great content without even leaving home.

So, I’m here to spill all my secrets to getting creative at home.

Find A Blank Wall

I never really decorate my walls at home because I move so much, and I don’t want to deal with the hassle of taking everything down every year. So, finding a blank wall is easy for me. It has allowed me to get photos that are clean and bright.

I also use the Light and Airy Preset collection to make my photos brighter since I’m shooting indoors.

Use A Sheet As A Backdrop

To add some color your photos, tape a sheet to the wall and use it as a backdrop for your photos. I wanted a dramatic look so I used a darker sheet, but you can use whatever sheet you have a home to brighten up your content.

Browse the Web for Inspiration

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next for a photo inside my home. So I just searched Instagram to see what others are doing. It’s easy to use hashtags to your advantage. Search #picsathome or #contentathome to see what you like. I was so happy to find a photo of @andreinavalderrama to use for inspiration.

Just make sure you’re giving credit to those you copy and not passing off the idea as your own.

Use That Mirror Girl!

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a good mirror pic. I love seeing mirror pics on my feed. However, if you’re taking a picture in your mirror, make sure you clean it first so there aren’t any marks or streaks ruining your photo. Also, clean up the area around you. The last thing people want to see is dirty laundry in your photo.

Are you getting creative at home? Make sure you tag me, @absolutelyamberm, in your photos taken at home!

P.S. I added a grainy texture to my mirror photo. I promise it’s not dirty. Hahaha.

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