2020 Affordable Spring Essentials

Happy Spring everyone! I know the whole world is in a panic right now thinking about the coronavirus, but soon this will all end. I’m a huge believer in positivity. So instead of panicking right now, I’m organizing my wardrobe and figuring out what spring essentials I need and what I need to donate. I used to be a lover of trends before I realized how fast they die out and how bad for the environment they are. Shopping every new trend not only leaves you broke but produces waste when you get rid of them when they’re no longer in style.

So, now I buy clothes that last and will always be in style. If you need help figuring out what spring essentials you need this spring, keep reading. If you’re already fashion-savvy, skip down to my pretty picture at the bottom.

Spring Essential #1: White T-Shirt

A white t-shirt is definitely a spring essential; and I know it’s tempting to get the cheapest t-shirt you can find, but that shirt will not last you the entire season. Get a quality, durable tee like this one from Lucky Brand. A tip to determine if a shirt is of good quality is to put it over your hand. If you can see your hand through the shirt, DO NOT BUY IT!

Amazon also has quality white t-shirts that won’t cost you very much. This Hane’s t-shirt is highly rated and costs only $7.

Spring Essential #2: Nice Pair of Jeans

Cropped jeans are the spring essential you definitely need in your closet. My lovely readers do not, I repeat DO NOT buy those jeans from Walmart. Also, women, I know it’s hard, but stop buying your jeans from the Junior section. I had a problem with this because I’m small so I can definitely fit everything in the Junior section. However, those jeans were not made for a woman’s body. They also aren’t that great in quality, which means you’re going to have to keep buying more.

Invest in a good pair of jeans that will last for years. Of course, I love my jeans from Lucky Brand, but J Brand and Everlane are also excellent choices. If you’re on a budget, shop their final sale for jeans at a discount.

Spring Essential #3: White Sneakers

White sneakers can be worn with a spring dress, cropped jeans, and basically everything. If you plan on wearing them a lot, you can splurge and get a more expensive pair. However, with sneakers, you can actually go cheap. I bought sneakers from Shein and they’re actually holding up.

Spring Essential #4: Lightweight Jacket

On windy days, you’ll need a cute jacket to wear. I recommend a denim jacket. It goes with pretty much everything and you won’t get super hot wearing it. I love this one from Revolve, but it is a bit expensive. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, check out a denim jacket from Forever21.

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