Styling A Men’s Shirt

I love buying menswear for many reasons. First, menswear tends to cost less than womenswear. You guys know how I love saving money since I live in New York and rent costs an arm and a leg. Second, menswear is fun to style because oversized shirts and pants can really make you stand out.

The staple that I believe every woman should have in their closet is a men’s button-down shirt. For me, I love neutrals and solid colors because I can wear them with pretty much anything. My two favorites ways to style a men’s button-down are with a satin skirt and as a dress.

Button-down and Satin Skirt

I’m obsessed with satin skirts this season. I’m praying they are still in style in Spring so that I can keep on wearing them. You’ve all seen my red satin skirt from my Valentine’s Day post, 3 Ways to Style a Red Satin Skirt for Valentine’s Day, and now I’m wearing the same skirt in gold. This skirt is also from BooHoo. You can shop for it here.

You can tie the shirt like I did or simply just tuck it in. You’ll still look amazing!

Button-down and Tights

I’m only 5’1″ so every men’s shirt is super long on me. This makes it a perfect dress. If you’re on the taller side, throw some shorts on underneath.

I paired this shirt with my favorite tights from Shein and added a belt around the waist to accentuate my figure. You can shop this look here.

Also, if you noticed and look the jewelry I’ve been wearing in my recent pictures, they’re from Leo Mazzotti. I love the necklaces from this brand and you can too. Right now you can receive 10% off your order with the code absolutelyamberm. Take advantage of this amazing deal!

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