How to Rock A Simple Outfit

I love dressing up. By this, I mean I’m the one to wear sequins and crazy blazers. Hey, I can’t help it that I love to stand out. Growing up as a shy kid, I felt like I was always fading in the background. I didn’t know how to be seen.

Nowadays, I use my style to stand out. While it helps to wear bright colors and weird statement pieces, you don’t have to go crazy with your outfit to be stylish. It’s completely possible to turn heads in a simple outfit. Here’s how:

Jewelry is Your Friend

If you go simple with your outfit, use jewelry to elevate your look. I love timeless pieces that go great with every outfit. I have a few elegant gold and silver pieces that I keep in rotation. Right now, I’m loving Leo Mazzotti. I just started a brand ambassadorship with them so I will have a discount code for you all shortly. Keep a lookout on my Instagram for it.

Rock Those Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are coming back! You heard that right. It’s not just a 90’s style. You are now free to rock those scrunchies, hair clips, and headbands again. I like to create my own accessories with things I have laying around in my closet/dresser. For instance, I took one of my silk Victoria’s Secret dress and turned it into a headscarf. How did I do?

Want to shop this look? Click here.

Bring Out the Sexy Shoes!

The right pair of shoes can save your outfit. You can wear jeans and a t-shirt but pair them with shoes that stand out and you instantly look chic. My go-to shoes are OTK boots. Soon as I put them on, I feel like Beyonce.

Ok, maybe not as sexy as Beyonce but it’s pretty damn close. You can get these OTK boots now for just $40. Let me know some of your tips for rocking a simple outfit.


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